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Will the Market Resolve It? Podcast

A podcast by the Cedos Think Tank about cities in the modern world. Why is public transit not moving? Who needs a mall instead of a park? Where is our social housing? We talk about urbanism in Ukrainian.

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Mistosite is a project by the Cedos Think Tank

Cedos is an independent think tank registered as a non-governmental organization. We provide analytical support to social change. We raise social problems, conduct research, improve decisions by government bodies, and strengthen communities and institutions. Cedos’s mission in the field of urbanism is to achieve social justice in cities.

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Матеріал є об'єктом інтелектуальної власності.
Копіювання та поширення дозволяється тільки зі згадкою першоджерела не нижче другого абзацу, без зміни змісту публікації, видалення авторства та логотипу Cedos

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