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Mistosite – Ukrainian urbanist platform

We're a niche Ukrainian media about urban development, reforms and local policies. Inspired by the idea of the just city, we create a common space for urban activists and professionals in Ukraine.

We strive to educate people about justice, equality, inclusivity, human rights, importance of participation and evidence-informed decision-making.

Mistosite is a project of CEDOS Think Tank. CEDOS is an independent non-partisan NGO conducting research in the fields of education, migration and urban development in order to foster formation of progressive institutions and citizens' participation in decision-making.

Mistosite was created in 2015 and in the beginning was supported by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and Open Society Foundation.

You are free to copy and distribute this website's material in any medium or format in unadapted form, for noncommercial purposes and with proper attribution.

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