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Local Activists Dialogue for Cohesive Cities

Series of media publications based on the results of Ukrainian-German educational exchange project for urban grassroots activists

Participation, Development

Dialogue for Cohesive Cities: educational exchange results

What is just and cohesive city, and what do participants of the educational exchange organized by Cedos think tank in the fall 2019 think about this concept

Alona Vyshnytska


Produce Less: how to save planet from plastic

Single-use plastic one of the important challenges faced by humanity. We discuss who is primarily responsible for the spread of single-uses and why eco-lifestyle is not a solution

Alona Savchuk

Public space

In Search of a Bathroom: What is wrong with public bathrooms in Kyiv

How does the system of public bathrooms work in Kyiv, is there any room for improvement, and why it is not always possible «just go to McDonald's»

Alona Vyshnytska

Housing, Public space

No Place in the City: Where can homeless people expect help from

During pandemic, the homeless are among the most vulnerable groups of people. How homeless people live in Kyiv, why do they sleep at the train station, and how the city creates the illusion of help

Alona Vyshnytska

Economy, Public space

Quick Delivery of Your Desires: couriers in the city

How protected and romantic is the job of delivery services couriers who work even in the time of pandemics

Tasha Lomonosova

Participation, Public space

LGBTQ in the City: showcases of tolerance and zones of invisibility

Why the visibility and presence of different social groups including LGBTQ in the public spaces are vital for the cities. Is this presence possible in Ukrainian cities

Otar Dovzhenko

Participation, Governance

World in a Window: how the city social services work with older people in Kyiv

How the system of providing social services for older people works in Kyiv and which people have access to these services.

Anastasiia Ivantsiv

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