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Common Home. Ukrainian Urban Forum 2023

On the restoration of housing in wartime and the development of a fair housing policy

Reconstruction, Housing, Participation, Governance

Planning a City for Living: discussion

On the vision of the future in the context of urban planning

Reconstruction, Housing, Participation, Governance

How regional policy can contribute to a balanced recovery: discussion

What is necessary to be rethought in the context of the war's impact on Ukrainian regions?

Reconstruction, Participation, Governance

Cities, War and Vulnerability: discussion

How to create inclusive, barrier-free home for different people?

Reconstruction, Participation, Governance

Problems and prospects of housing policy: Round table

How to create conditions where all people would have quality, affordable and comfortable housing?

Reconstruction, Development, Governance

Ukrainian Urban Forum 2023. Declaration

Declaration made by representatives of civil society organizations, grassroots initiatives, local governments, professional and academic communities

Reconstruction, Participation, Governance

Comprehensive recovery of Ukrainian cities

Key Messages of the Urban Forum 2023 Opening Ceremony

Матеріал є об'єктом інтелектуальної власності.
Копіювання та поширення дозволяється тільки зі згадкою першоджерела не нижче другого абзацу, без зміни змісту публікації, видалення авторства та логотипу Cedos

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