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Decentralization of Culture: Problems and Challenges of the Reform

This article reviews the key events of the culture reform, considers the appropriateness of using the concept of «cultural services,» and the issue of reorganizing cultural institutions

Yulia Nazarenko

Participation, Development

Part III: A renewed urban planning approach for Kyiv

The final part of the three-part article about Kyiv General Plan 2040: what could be the urban planning approaches in the future and why there is no need to modernize the General Plan project

Anastasiya Ponomaryova , Brent D. Ryan, Oleksandr Anisimov

Environment, Economy

Degrowth for Human Prosperity

Could we resist climate crises in the paradigm of constant economic growth? What is degrowth approach? What are the main degrowth values, goals, and practices?

Pavlo Fedoriv

Participation, Development

Dialogue for Cohesive Cities: educational exchange results

What is just and cohesive city, and what do participants of the educational exchange organized by Cedos think tank in the fall 2019 think about this concept

Alona Vyshnytska

Development, Governance

Kyiv’s General Plan is not an accident. Part II

Second part of the three-part article about Kyiv General Plan: what are the values behind this document and how these values informed the problematic principles promoted in GP 2040

Anastasiya Ponomaryova , Brent D. Ryan, Oleksandr Anisimov

Development, Governance

Kyiv’s new General Plan has failed. What will come next?

What are the main disadvantages of new Kyiv's General Plan and why this document does not consider key principles of sustainable urban planning

Anastasiya Ponomaryova , Brent D. Ryan, Oleksandr Anisimov


Kharkiv: interaction between local authorities and civil society

Interaction between local government bodies and civil society in Kharkiv – brief summary of the research

Daryna Pyrohova


Produce Less: how to save planet from plastic

Single-use plastic one of the important challenges faced by humanity. We discuss who is primarily responsible for the spread of single-uses and why eco-lifestyle is not a solution

Alona Savchuk

Public space

In Search of a Bathroom: What is wrong with public bathrooms in Kyiv

How does the system of public bathrooms work in Kyiv, is there any room for improvement, and why it is not always possible «just go to McDonald's»

Alona Vyshnytska

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