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На Шулявці обвалився міст. Що це каже нам про пріоритети київської політики розвитку міської мобільності, аналізує Ігор Тищенко ///

February 10 — Winter Day «Bike to work»

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Program of activities under Winter Day «Bike to work» in 2017 in Ukrainian cities ///

City after marshrutkas: how Galati (Romania) rid of private carriers

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Is there life after marshrutkas? What can be useful for Ukrainian cities in the experience of Galati - city in Romania that rid of small private buses ///

Sustainable Urban Transport for Kyiv. The World Bank Report

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The World Bank report on the public transport of Kyiv and recommendations for improvement in three scenarios ///

Samarkand: tram as a way of establishing a dictatorship

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Analysis of the decision to build a tram in Samarkand from the standpoint of sustainable development, citizens participation and the evidence based desicion-making process ///

Urban mobility in Kyiv: how to improve public transport lanes

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Analytical reference and recommendations of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine on improvement of public transport lanes in Kyiv ///

How IDPs affected the housing market? CEDOS policy paper

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Analysis of changes in the housing market after the emergence of IDPs in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions ///

Guide to 2016 European Mobility Week in Ukraine

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The most interesting events of the European Mobility Week in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Ternopil and Uzhhorod ///

Housing Problem. Do 1.5 million of IDPs affected the housing market

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The noticeable increase in population in eastern regions not yet affected the inflow of capital investment in housing construction ///

The new transport policy of Kyiv? Discussion between activists and the KSCA

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Activists and experts discussed with the Director of the Department of transportation of KCSA Kyiv transport policy problems and opportunities of solving them ///

How not to die from smog: Kyiv transport policy must change

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To overcome smog and air pollution, KSCA should start a systematic policy of incentive reducing car use in the city ///