Principles of public sector economics and automobilization

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Tatiana Kolomiets presentation about principles of public sector economics, illustrated by the example of automobilization of Kyiv ///

Ukrainian Housing Market – a State-Created Neoliberalism?

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Who and how to set prices for rental and purchase of housing in Ukraine, and what is the role of global financial system ///

Development of cooperative forms of housing ownership in Ukraine

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Who and how manages the common property in multidwelling housing in Ukraine, and why condominiums do not save from social stratification ///

Housing privatisation in post-socialist countries: reasons and preconditions

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Why and how Ukrainians received housing property rights from the state, and what it led to ///

«Putin's Games»: sports mega-projects and its impact on the city

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Olympic Games in Sochi as an example of the impact of sport mega-projects on the urban development. Who are the main beneficiaries and victims of these events? ///

Who owns our cities – and why this urban takeover should concern us all

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The huge post-credit crunch buying up of urban buildings by corporations has significant implications for equity, democracy and rights ///

How to get an apartment in Kyiv

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Government is unable to fulfill the need of society in social housing, but it has no problems giving away apartments for state officials. Details are on the map ///

Blame Zoning, Not Tech, for San Francisco's Housing Crisis

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Wealthy districts work hard to prevent new housing from being built in their neighborhoods ///

From Shanghai to New York, the rent is too damn high

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Fueled by years of record-low interest rates, a new housing crisis is rearing its head from London to Los Angeles. ///

Cities with physically active residents more productive as well as healthier

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Increasing amount of green space and promoting walking, cycling and use of public transport has significant economic benefits, study concludes ///

How cheaper housing can boost productivity

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In this issue of the blog «The Economist explains» the magazine examines how how cheaper housing can boost productivity ///

How to build a fairer city

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Four leading academics propose the idea of ‘grounded city’ – where sustainable transport, accessible broadband and modest housing take precedence over ostentatious tower blocks ///